Undergraduate and postgraduate Modules that I teach include:


Interactive and tangible media

This undergraduate module introduces the practical techniques for creating interactive visual display using Processing, a Java-based IDE. We will also develop interesting tangible interfaces using Arduino IDE, with a range of sensors and actuators. Students will learn to manipulate images, create realistic motions, use motion sensing and speech recognition, in a series of lectures and exciting workshops.

Here you can download the introductory lectureof the module.


Video game design

This undergraduate module covers a range of topics in video game design and development, including game physics, AI, level design, player behaviour, game rules and mechanics, as well as user interfaces. This module introduces students to game development using Unity3D and C#. Students will also learn about mobile game development and optimisation issues.

Here you can download the introductory lecture of the module.


HCI for mobiles

This MSc module is concerned with designing mobile applications taking into account usability, accessibility and sociability. Students will evaluate current and future trends of interaction design and interface technologies in a mobile context. The module also encourages students to analyse critically human activities in order to identify innovative design solutions.   Topics include activity modelling, economic theories for HCI, Internet of things, graphic design, universal design, etc.

Here you can download the introductory lecture of the module.