Summer travel plan 2016


Whew, the 2015-16 academic year has finally come to an end, which means summer is upon us! As usual, I often get asked by students: so where are you going for holiday the whole summer? Well no, we have no summer holidays like students do and we really need to explain this to students, lest they think we are just off somewhere sunny doing nothing for 2 months! …. unless we are?

Anyway, unusually for me, I will be travelling quite a bit this summer, mainly (ehem) for work!

a) June: Royal College of Surgeon in London to discuss possible collaboration in use of Augmented Reality Helmet for field surgery

b) July: UCL, London to discuss Internet of Educational Things

c) July: Dubrovnik, Croatia to attend a summer shcool in HCI methods

d) July/August: Limassol, Cyprus to give a seminar and to write a grant proposal

e) Sep: Malaysia (yeah) for a holiday

f) Sep: Ghent University, Belgium to discuss potential collaboration in computational photonics

I am already dreading the start of the new academic year 🙂


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