How effective is VR in Eliciting Human Emotions


A psychology colleague, Dr Mario Weick and I have just been awarded a small grant (~£5,000) from the Faculty of Social Sciences to carry out some pilot work using virtual reality (VR) to elicit human emotions. Specifically, we aim to develop a repository of VR stimuli for researchers to elicit different affective experiences (feelings and emotions) in people. Currently, the main source for such stimuli is the International Affective Picture System (IAPS). We believe that using videos with 360 VR views could be a more effective way to elicit emotions. 

This cross-School project will develop 360-degree videos designed and validated to elicit affective experiences, covering all four quadrants shown in the following image.


Currently, I have a visiting researcher from Malaysia (UiTM), Dr Emma Nuraihan Mior Ibrahim, who is interested in using 360 video VR to elicit inter-group empathic feelings.

More information to follow as the studies in VR progress.


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