Research trip to Delft and Amsterdam


I will be spending one week in the Netherlands in Feb 2015 visiting Delft University of Technology and University of Amsterdam. I am excited by the opportunity to talk to researchers and collaborators in the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft, and I will be giving a research seminar on “Engineering for Humanity” there.

Abstract. The seminar focuses on the topic “Engineering for humanity”, in which social and/or environmental sustainability is the core thrust of engineering research. As the challenges facing humanity are getting more complex, engineering is becoming increasingly multidisciplinary, involving experts from diverse fields such as health, biosciences, psychology, sociology, and (digital) arts. The “Intelligent Interactions” group at Kent aims to tackle exactly these types of engineering problems. In this seminar, a range of multidisciplinary research projects will be discussed, including sexual health technology intervention, swallowing monitoring, controlling the wheelchair with your tongue, imaging Newt’s belly for conservation, social networking with plants, and more. The central theme of these projects lies in solving problems faced by real people (as well as animals and plants) with robust engineering, often by blending the physical and virtual worlds.


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