Cubify Cube 3 is here!


After almost 3 months of waiting, my Cubify Cube 3 is finally here! I have run the test print, and printed my second object, which is an octopus model.


Unboxing Cubify Cube!

Compared to the first 3D printer I saw for the first time 3-4 years ago, Cube 3 looks sleek, and you would not be ashamed to display this on your desk. It is much closer to comtemporary consumer electronics than some cheap DIY knockups made of plywood. Some of my colleagues have been experimenting with these DIY printers and it took them several days to set things up for 1st print. With Cubify Cube 3, it took me only 20 minutes, and I was on my way printing the first model, which is just a simple tag (see figure below). It is a joy to use, and I seriously did not expect any 3D printers to be so easy to set up. Oh it comes with auto-levelling too, which deals with calibration of the print bed position automatically. In term of the print quality, my first print wasn’t great, partly because I did not apply the glue on the print bed properly and the printout came off half way through the printing process.


My first test print

Having learnt from my mistake, the print quality of my 2nd attempt looks significantly better (see below). The print speed is one thing I am not too impressed by. The tag took 15 minutes to print, and the octopus 1 hour. But hey, for £839, it is not bad at all!


2nd print: an octopus!

This 3D printer will be a real asset for a PhD project I am supervising which involves creating sensor-enabled educational toys for school children. Of course, the PhD student is very excited to see this too!


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