iSense 3D scanner for iPad


I have recently received the iSense 3D scanner for Ipad mini with retina display, from 3D systems. The sensor looks like a mini Kinect, and can be easily attached to an iPad mini.


The sensor itself looks beautifully designed and installation is a breeze. Not so much with the software (app). Scanning objects is a pain, and so far I have not yet successfully scan a complete object. Tracking is often lost whilst half way through the scanning process. With people scanning however, I did have some successes (after several failed attempts).  I have managed to make a complete scan of a colleague whose name shall not be mentioned!


For the price (£359), I kind of expected something a bit better…at least the scanning process should be more straight forward. Perhaps I need to practice more.

Update: after several attempts, I finally managed to scan an object, but I have to use the “People scanning” mode! It looks like the “object scanning” mode is broken!